Hi I'm Michael a Toronto based photographer, In my images I always try and capture the essence, feeling and energy of whatever subject is in front of my camera. 

Growing up as a biracial person in Toronto, Canada I felt there was a sense of ''otherness'' and wanting to understand where exactly I belong as an individual. In my teen years I navigated towards photography as an avenue to showcase my individuality and express myself in ways that could not with words. 

I love to travel and have adventures, I often find myself drawing inspiration from past experiences and other areas of my life. All the while capturing images from many different yet cohesive genres such as Landscape, City street candid and architecture photography. 

Diversity is our strength and though photography I would like to celebrate those differences by creating pieces of Art. Photography has helped my see the world from many different perspectives. Finding beauty in often forgotten places that others would deem mondane , I invite you explore my collection of images for you to enjoy.

  I have also handpicked a few my favorite and most popular images to make into fine art prints which are now available for sale. 

I create thought provoking images in the hopes that I could spark  discussion and creativity with my viewers. 

If you'd like to work together i'd love to hear from you!! either through my contact page or social media

"Diversity is our Strength Creativity brings us Together" 


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